Thursday, April 8, 2010

Home Made Make Up Tips

All knows women are the symbol of beauty and they always try to more beautify herself.
Woman wants to look beautiful every where. But in today busy life mostly have no time to go parlors. Here I try to provide some easy beauty tips to you to get ready to office or parties. It’s saved your time and money.

Home made make up tips:

1. Before starting your makeup firstly you wash your face with the help of soap or face wash gel.

2. After your face wash use soft towel to dry your face.

3. Use gentle cleansers to cleanse your face. Its help to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and neat the dirt deep inside the pores. But be careful to select your cleanser, use only that is suitable on your skin.

4. After it wash your face with water and dry your face.

5. After cleansing your face your pore normally opens. Use suitable toner to close your pores, take small amount of toner to the cotton sponge and rub evenly on your face. After few minutes leave it until pat dry.

6. If your skin is icy and damp apply a suitable moisturizer to keep your face hydrate and damp.

7. Use concealer if you have any face problem like acne mark, dark spots, age spots or hyper pigmentation. Use lighter shade of concealer than your foundation.

8. Take small foundation in your finger tips and apply in your forehead, chin, cheeks and nose carefully and blend it evenly in your face or you can use sponge to blend.

9. Use powder to set the concealer and foundation. It helps to stand your foundation and concealer longer. Give an even finish you can also use a brush to apply powder evenly. Give your eye a perfect eye shadow and gently sweep on your eyelids. With a narrow brush give a lovely finish to eyeliner.

10. For upper and lower lashes use mascara. You easily get mascaras in all shades. Blush your cheeks. It makes your cheeks bright. Select a natural color to blush your face.

11. Lisp is the final step of your makeup. Select a lipsticks carefully which suite the skin. Use a lip liner if your lips are narrow and use lip gloss. It helps to protect your lips soft and to give a shining finish to your lips.

I hope you easily use above steps and look very beautiful every where.

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