Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fashion Politics

Everyone knows that clothes make the man. From executive suites to bring the litter Wall Street, as the remnants of a ticker-tape parade in suits and boots, work for builders and mechanics, clothes tell the story of who we are and where we are going. Even if the working day is done, what we choose to go our time is always a reflection of our personality. Training according to the suit, our clothes are not only functional but also imminent. Send to a dress and what we spend, how often, how we use our time. Sports franchise logos constantly exposed to the Main Street America. T-shirts with well known television, film and music icons can be seen everywhere. Clothes say something and people start to realize that responsibility, a group of walking, you should choose wisely.

Now more than ever, politics is entering the world of fashion. Clearly, political phrases and slogans are often at the expense of the public as bumper cars. There is even a demand for clothing that some candidates or parties, and indeed have been bought by someone, somewhere (not as an exercise price of money at a party) won. However, opportunities for those who are a little subtlety to be in the agenda as? Enter the fusion of art and social consciousness of clothing. create less political and more in vogue, clothiers clothing boutiques balance between the final message and medium. Using art as a medium of exchange and clothing, linens, the pioneers of the importance of giving people a way to express their views so as to form and, in fact. What better way for operators to reflect the requirements of public trust that focuses on style and substance meet.

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