Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Merger of Art and Designer Clothing

The human figure in art has been proven for centuries. On the precise anatomical drawings of pre-modern Da Vinci and the postmodern sculpture by Damien Hirst, who say, facial expressions and body language of Caravaggio, the human form explored and can be used internally and externally. Whether early Polack or pornography, offensive or abstract, the organization has managed to attract a large project. Recently, walls, fabric body of life in captivity, or rather had become a gallery of life through the fusion of art and fashion.

Since the evolution of human consciousness remains firmly rooted in contemporary art, contact with the sense of aesthetics is often behind the scenes, the message is transferred. If there is no less important than others to achieve a sense of balance, especially where art and fashion mixed with each other.

By its very nature, fashion is as secure as the function it serves deserve. If this satisfies the criteria of being fashionable , reflects the dominant style of the era. The Fedora is always higher than an old Fedora, but in Dutch, Cleveland and said nothing. But what happened to these standards are implemented? Is still room for exposure there?

Currently, there are few designers in the marketplace who are able to combine the importance of contemporary art and fashion designer, even if public demand is strong. Although some segments of the population sees art as an observation of life, others see it as a source for promoting the benefits of positive social change. Regardless of the profile, if not agreed, the clothes, with the messages of art with their clothes and not at the expense of fashion are likely to enjoy a high degree of success in management.


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